Fascias & Cladding Case Study

Recently, the Advanced Exterior Plastics team headed out on a fascia and cladding installation. We took down the old cladding and replaced it with new, state of the art cladding for a vastly improved performance. You can see the different between the before and after pictures below! We’ve also included a mid-way through photo, so you really get an idea for the level of detail that goes into this sort of project! This is not a surface level, aesthetic repair, it’s a high function system to improve performance in the long run, and for a long time!

Fascia Before
Fascia During
Fascia After

Why did we do a replacement instead of overcladding? In short, because we’re passionate about performance, and we want our customers to have solutions that will work for a long time, rather than a temporary fix that acts more like a band aid.

Overcladding isn’t an ideal fix for your home, as it can cause dry rot where the wood underneath sweats. This can cause the pins to pull out, and in particularly bad cases, can cause your roofing timbers to rot. It may be a cheaper fix, but to us it’s really not worth the cost. That’s why we strive to provide long lasting, quality replacements, as we can effectively eliminate these sort of issues this way.

We think the results rather speak for themselves!

If you’re finding yourself experiencing trouble with your fascias and cladding, or it’s looking a bit tired, get in touch with our friendly, expert team and we can help advise you on the best solutions specific to your property. We also provide free quotes, that are tailored to your project’s specifications.

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