Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement

We offer solid, tiled conservatory roof replacement, across Hampshire.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Installation

Let us transform your conservatory, from a  seasonal space, to a fulltime extension of your home. Upgrading to a warm roof on your conservatory is an investment, as it means that you can take advantage of the extra living space and love your conservatory all year round.

Solid Conservatory Roofs

Advanced Exterior Plastics can replace your current roof, no matter what it’s made from. The installation is carried out by our experts, taking only days to complete with minimal disturbance to your home life.

These stylish conservatory tiled roofs are made by fitting internally insulated plasterboard and two further layers of rigid insulation board. Vapour membrane is added to work alongside the insulation board, trapping the warm air. The result is an energy efficient, stunning addition to your home.

Tiled Roofs are both aesthetically pleasing and thermally efficient. A high performance and lightweight roof designed to retain heat inside your conservatory, without increasing your energy bills. We supply a large variety of stylish tiles that complement your property, enhancing the character of your home.

Perhaps you need a larger dining room? Somewhere for the kids to play? Or a bespoke office to work from home? Whatever your reasons, Advanced Exterior Plastics offer you the chance to get more out of your conservatory. Our beautifully finished tiled conservatory roofs are an attractive solution to extending your property and insulating your conservatory.

Solid Conservatory Roof Shapes

Tiled Edwardian Conservatory Roofs

Edwardian Solid Conservatory Roof

This classical English design meets an Edwardian style. Complete with rooftop Windows, we believe this to be the most alluring of the range. This bespoke tiled roof helps maximise the space below and greatly improves energy efficiency in your conservatory.

Tiled Victorian Conservatory Roofs

Victorian Solid Conservatory Roof

This contemporary styled tiled roof boasts far more options for door positioning than any other style. The 3-facet design is stylish, modern and continental all in one. A welcomed and contemporary alternative to the Edwardian Warm Roof.

Tiled Gable Conservatory Roofs

Gable Solid Conservatory Roof

A Gable Roof maximises the height available, by running a ridge down the depth of the roof conservatory. Our Gable roof retains a traditional look by adding a glass frame at the front. Maximise the natural light in your conservatory by investing in a Gable Roof.

Tiled Combination Conservatory Roofs

Combination Solid Conservatory Roof

Struggling to choose from our diverse range of tiled roofs? We offer a Combination roof; a unique rendition to your home. Convert your conservatory into an all year round, multi purpose living space.

Tiled Lean To Conservatory Roofs

Lean To Solid Conservatory Roof

This clever Tiled Roof has been specifically designed to offer maximum space to the back of your home. This Warm Roof can be tailored to fit an area as low as 15 degrees, with roof windows for added natural night.

Replacement Tiled Porch Roofs

Porch Solid Conservatory Roof

Add value to your property and benefit from the added security that a Tiled Roof porch offers. A minimalistic and stylish rendition to your home.

Types of Solid Conservatory Roof


Metrotile Solid Conservatory Roof

The Metrotile is the only lightweight steel roofing manufacturer that can offer a massive forty-year guarantee on all of our profiles. Our lightweight steel tiles are forged from 3 steel, the highest grade in the industry.


Icoslate Solid Conservatory Roof

Ikoslate is crafted from recycled materials, the only approved lightweight slate for use with Guardian roofs. Ikoslate is made from 99% recycled materials, its unique structure makes it easy to install. The Ikoslate retains superior strength, certified to endure winds of up to one hundred and ten miles per hour.


Fakro Solid Conservatory Roof Windows

Choose the most stylish and popular choice of roof windows. The intelligently designed centre pivot means that the sash can be opened in multiple positions, greatly increasing ventilation into your conservatory. What’s more, the sash can be rotated through 180 degrees, and locked.

Tie Wire

Tie Wire Solid Conservatory Roof

Unlike a traditional conservatory roof, Tie Wire is far less dependent on existing structural support. It was designed with a ‘top hat’ approach. Essentially the roof supports itself, by applying equal pressure from both sides. This has enabled us to provide a truly spacious feel to your conservatory. By supporting itself, this roof needs far less internal support.

Our Tiled Conservatory Roof Gallery

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