Double Glazed Glass Sealed Units

We supply and fit a wide range of high quality, double glazed glass sealed units, across Hampshire.

Quality Double Glazed Glass Sealed Unit Installation

At Advanced Exterior Plastics, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality glass sealed units. Our glass sealed units are designed using the latest in glass manufacturing technology.

Glass Sealed Units

As a local glass, glazing and sealed units supplier, we have been specialising in the supply and installation of double glazed glass sealed units in Hampshire for over 26 years.

All of our glass sealed units are bespoke and made to our customer’s specific requirements. This includes glass type, shape, size and decoration.

With Advanced Exterior Plastics glass units, you can expect expert craftsmanship and a wide range of glazing options to choose from.

Glass Sealed Units

Wide Range of Different Glass Options

Glass Sealed Units 5

We offer many different glazing options including clear, patterned, toughened, laminated, coloured film, lead and Georgian bar inserts.

Advances in glass technology have also allowed us to offer self-cleaning and acoustic (noise reducing) glass, as well. A high quality double glazed unit will significantly reduce the intrusion of external noise whilst insulating your home.

Made to Measure
Shapes & Sizes

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Not only do they look great, but our made to measure glass sealed units are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so we can create a glass unit specific to your requirements.

Our glass sealed units are available in a variety of glass thicknesses, and we use quality materials and machinery to ensure our glass units are always exceptional quality.

Energy Efficient
Glazed Units

Energy Efficient (1)

Enjoy the cost-effective benefits our highly manufactured glass sealed units. Our double glazed sealed windows comprise of two panes of glass, which are held apart by a thermally efficient spacer bar.

Our energy efficient glass units allow you to keep valuable heat energy inside where it belongs, helping you to save money on those monthly bills.

Why choose us to install your new glass sealed units?

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Our accreditations

We are highly accredited, so you can rest assured that our business has been thoroughly vetted by experts. Our list of accreditations includes:

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Our Expertise

Our company has been installing double glazed glass sealed units across Hampshire for over 26 years. This means that we are truly experts when it comes to all things double glazing.


Our service

Our primary goal is making sure that all of our customers are taken care of from the minute we first meet them.

We have a dedicated team of experts that will provide you with all the guidance and product details that you need to choose the best products for you, and we will never try and upsell you products that you don’t need.

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